Dog Foster Carers Wanted

After careful consideration, we have decided that for welfare reasons, wherever possible, we would rather use foster homes instead of kennels.

It is very rare that a dog thrives in kennels and dogs often ‘shut down’ and their true personality, character and behaviours do not shine through.

A lot of rescues are moving away from using kennels and relying on volunteer foster homes instead. The dog will then stay in a pre approved foster home until they find their forever home. During their time in foster, the rescue pays or provides all food, medication and covers vet bills. The animal will be registered at our vets – Chandlers Ford Veterinary Surgery – and the foster carer will receive a certificate to take the dog their on our behalf, should veterinary assistance be required. Shelter staff will be in touch regularly and will also be on hand for back up or any help or advice. Between the foster carer and shelter staff, we will then be able to assess the dogs more accurately.

We are therefore looking for experienced, kind and loving dog foster homes. It is unlikely that we would be able to place many foster dogs in homes with young children or in homes with multiple animals.

If you have spare time, a big heart and feel that you could offer a rescue dog a stepping stone towards their forever home, then please do get in touch with us. If you have other animals or older children, then facilities to keep them separate, if ever required, is a must. A secure garden is essential.

All potential foster homes will be home-checked prior to any dogs being placed. References may be required.

Please email us at if you feel you may be able to help. Please let us know a little about your home life, your dog experience and what breeds or behaviours that you feel you are experienced to possibly help with.