Do you take in animals in for rehoming?

Yes, we do take in animals for rehoming. If you need your animal to come into rescue, please give the shelter staff a call on 02380 693282. Please be aware that we often have a waiting list so animals are not always able to come in immediately.

Are you a non-destruct rescue?

We would never have a healthy animal euthanised. We always provide all veterinary treatment that any animal in our care needs. Sometimes animals are too poorly to continue treatment and then, on veterinary advice, we would have them put to sleep to end their suffering. This is never a decision made lightly.

How do I register to adopt a rescue animal?

Please either complete an online registration form, telephone the shelter on 02380 693282 or pop in during our opening hours.

Do you charge an adoption fee or are the animals free to good home?

Yes, we do charge an adoption fee for our animals. Without adoption fees, we would not be able to continue our work.

All animals who come into our care are fully vet checked, assessed, neutered/spayed (where appropriate) wormed/de-flea’d (where appropriate) and microchipped (where appropriate) Many animals who come into our care also require blood tests, dentals and various other treatments prior to adoption. Although the adoption fee does not cover all the expenses that the animal has occurred whilst in our care, it certainly does help towards this.

I have filled out a registration form and no one has contacted me with any suitable animals for adoption?

We cannot realistically contact every single person that has registered with us sadly. We just do not have the time or resources. We also cannot guarantee that we will have a suitable animal for you to adopt as all animals have different needs. We are also a lot smaller than some other rescue centres, therefore have less animals in our care. However please be assured that if we do have an animal that is suitable for you to adopt, then we will certainly be in touch.

Do you rehome to families with young children/other animals/people who work?

All animals are individuals and have different needs. If an animal has previously and happily lived with children, then we would be more than happy to rehome to a family. Some animals get on well with other dogs and other animals and could live happily with them but others do not, so cannot. Some animals are happy to be left for a few hours each day whilst their owner goes out to work, others cannot be left.

Do you welcome volunteers?

Although we currently have an amazing volunteer team, occasionally someone leaves and we have vacancies. If you are over 18 years of age and are seriously interested in volunteering, please contact the shelter staff on 02380 693282 or call in to collect and complete a Volunteer form.

You can volunteer to assist with the cleaning and feeding of the rescue animals, or sit in with them.

Can I complete my work experience at St Francis Animal Welfare?

Yes, we welcome work experience students , due to insurance requirements  students must now be 18 or over . For more information, please contact the shelter staff on 02380 693282.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, we are always extremely grateful for any donations.

We welcome anything animal related – food, bedding, toys, cages, runs/coops, cat beds, litter trays, bowls etc. and are also very grateful for any sellable items (clothing, bric-a-brac, small furniture items, toys, books, music etc,) as we have several fundraising volunteers who sell items for us at car-boot sales and online. We also always need new items that can be used as raffle or tombola prizes at our big fundraising events or to raffle on our Facebook page. We now regularly sell items on eBay and also have our own online charity shop on Facebook.

** We cannot use duvets or pillows for the animals (the dogs rip them up and the feathers or stuffing block the drains and they are too bulky for the cats) and we currently have no space to store any more large blankets or plastic dog beds **

Donations can be dropped off at the shelter in Mortimers Lane – anytime during our opening hours. If you would like any items collected, please give the staff a call on 02380 693282

What items do you actually need for the animals in your care?

We always need animal feed – for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, caged birds, chickens, ponies, pigs, reptiles etc, treats for the animals, fresh fruit and vegetables, hay, straw, wood shavings, wood based cat litter, small animal bedding, cleaning products – animal friendly disinfectant, cleaning cloths, bleach, drain cleaner, washing up liquid, washing powder etc.

We are also always grateful for any rabbit runs or decent sized hutches, outdoor aviaries and chicken coops/runs.


What are your opening hours?

Reception is usually manned between Tuesday and Saturday from 10am to 2pm. If you have any non urgent enquires, please ring during those times. Staff are onsite outside those hours to deal with any genuinely urgent queries.

Animal viewing appointments can be made 7 days a week – animal viewings are now strictly by appointment and only if we have suitable animals for you to potentially adopt.


Can I come and visit?

We do not take people for ‘tours’ around the shelter as this can be extremely distressing for some of our animals. We are not a zoo, but an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre and many of our animals have had traumatic experiences and need their peace and quiet and familiar people.

If you are seriously interested in adoption, then we will introduce you to any suitable animals that we have in our care.

Want to Volunteer?

To apply for volunteering please telephone or call into the shelter. All volunteers must be over 18.