Resident Animals

Resident Animals

We have a few animals who reside permanently at St Francis.

Our Shetland pony, Bugsy (who has Cushings disease), two pigs – Dizzy and Loco,  –  as well as numerous chickens, cockerels, doves and pigeons.

Cat Lounge 
Our cats, as well as having a cosy lounge, also have free run of our grounds. Some are feral or not re-homeable for various reasons.

You can sponsor our resident animals from £10 per month. For more details please contact


Bugsy the Shetland Pony

Bugsy is a gorgeous Shetland Pony who came to lives at St Francis Animal Welfare, approximately 10 years ago.

Sadly, Bugsy has cushings disease, so needs to be carefully medicated each day to keep him happy and healthy. He also is prone to laminitus so his grass intake needs careful monitoring. Bugsy is a lovable and cheeky little pony who is loved dearly by all our staff and volunteers.


Dizzy and Loco

Dizzy and Loco are two Pot Bellied Pig sisters, who came to live at St Francis Animal Welfare approximately 5 years ago.

They now live in the shelter managers garden on site. The girls came into rescue as a well-meaning son, bought them for his mum as a surprise when they were tiny babies, after being told they were micro-pigs and would grow no bigger than a cat! Within a week they were the size of 2 or 3 cats and continued growing until they became the giant size that they are now.

Both girls are very friendly and enjoy cuddles and a good scratch. They also enjoy munching on fresh fruit and also take great delight in ripping up plants and pulling grass up.



Another one of St Francis’ resident chinchillas.


Norton is one of our Java Doves.


Our Resident Chickens and 

Turkeys Bernard and Phoebe

We have a friendly brood of chickens here at St Francis Animals and recent arrivals are the Turkeys, Bernard and Phoebe.

Sometimes we have eggs available for sale – please enquire


Pancake our resident chicken has become a firm favourite at the Shelter.


Want to Volunteer?

To apply for volunteering please telephone the shelter or call in for an applications form. All volunteers must be over 18.