We have a few animals who reside permanently at St Francis.

These include our beloved donkey 'Muffin' who came to the shelter after being bought by the kind staff at our local bakery 'The Oven Door' in Fair Oak. 

Poor Muffin was due to be sold for meat but will now live in safety at the shelter for the rest of her life.

Muffin shares the fields with our shetland pony Bugsy (who has cushings disease), two pigs - Dizzy and Loco and a goat - Corey as well as numerous chickens, cockerels, doves and pigeons.



 We also have many dogs and cats and a couple of rabbits whom for health or behavioural reasons are in permanent foster homes. 

St Francis Animal Welfare continue to pay for the veterinary treatment for these animals for life. 

These include Dilly - a Bichon Frise with epilepsy and eye problems,  Bertie an elderly Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Brandy the cat with thyroid problems, Snowy a Lurcher with epilepsy, Kiwi the ginger cat who has behavioral problems, Honey - a Boxer/Spaniel cross who has terminal cancer, Sophie a Shih Tzu with behavioural problems, Harry the Westie - who has too many health issues to mention, Blackie the extremely elderly cat, as well as many others.






Corey the goat 


Muffin the donkey 








Our 'Cat Lounge' for our resident cats.  

Our cats, as well as having a cosy lounge, they also have free run of our grounds. 


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