As well as financial donations the shelter relies heavily on the kindness of members of the public who regularly bring in items for us to use.

Things we are always very grateful for:

Newspapers (we go through lots each day!)



Cat/dog beds

Pet food (dog/cat/rabbit/guinea pig/rodent/horse/chicken/bird etc)


Cat/dog/rabbit/bird etc toys

Cat litter/litter trays

Dog/cat/small animal bowls

Small animal cages/tanks/vivarium's

Dog crates

Cleaning supplies

Items for recycling - We can recycle used postage stamps, used ink cartridges, old mobile phones (see below) old clothing and rags. 



  We also always need:

Books, jumble, unwanted gifts, plants, bric-a-brac, clothing, toys and items suitable for raffle prizes for us to sell at one of our fundraising events.

 We are always on the lookout for lovely people to bake cakes and make jams and chutneys to help us raise funds at the open days and jumble sales. The cakes and home made items always sell out quickly - We never seem to have enough!!


All donations can be accepted with thanks at the shelter.







 Donate your old, broken or unwanted mobile phones!

We have joined forces with Foneaid for their Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign. 

Foneaid will donate £3 to St Francis for every mobile phone we collect, and they accept phones in any condition and of any age - even if the battery is missing, or the screen is cracked! 

Ask your friends and family if they have any old or broken phones, and bring them all along to our shelter (your friends, family AND the phones!)

Foneaid will also donate £100 of vouchers to St Francis for every 100 phones we collect! A collection bag will be available in our Reception Area, or you can leave your phones with a member of staff.




 Have you considered leaving a legacy to St Francis Animal Welfare in your Will? 

If you are changing your current Will, it should cost you nothing to include a paragraph, donating a sum to St Francis. 

We have the assistance of local solicitors, ML Law, who are available to give free instant quotes, should you wish to draw up a brand new Will. 

Your legacy would be a tax free gift (not subject to inheritance tax). 

You could also incorporate a provision that St Francis look after any existing pets on your death, therefore relieving your friends or relatives of looking for a new home for your loved pet. 

For further information, then please contact us at

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