St Francis Animal Welfare rescue dogs from various sources - from owners whom are no longer able to care for them for a variety of reasons - to strays from the local councils pounds.

All dogs are health checked by a vet shortly after their arrival and are subsequently fully vaccinated, neutered/spayed, micro-chipped and assessed before being ready to be re-homed. 

Our dogs are regularly walked and played with by our staff and volunteers during their stay at St Francis Animal Welfare to ensure that they stay happy and healthy.

 The animals available for adoption are always changing so it is advisable to contact the shelter to see if an animal on our website has been found a home, or if there are any new animals available for adoption. Please call 02380 693282 before 5pm.

Please note, that not all of our animals appear on our website.
Name: Bobby

Breed: Lurcher (medium size)

Colour: Fawn and white

Sex: Male

Age: 9 years young (he is a very fit, active and healthy dog for his age)

Neutered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Good with children? Yes, Bobby is excellent with the older children in his foster home.

Good with other dogs? Bobby would prefer to be the only dog in his new home and does bark at other dogs out on walks.

Good with cats/small animals? Bobby has previously lived with cats, but hasn't been keen on any that he has met since being in his foster home. So ideally we are looking for a home with no small animals he could potentially chase.

Summary: Bobby is a lovely dog who came into rescue through no fault of his own. His owners were a older couple and when the lady became very ill, they were no longer able to care for him so sadly Bobby ended up in rescue. He had been extremely well loved and cared for in his previous home.

He is currently in a foster home as we felt that kennel life would have been too much for him. His fosterers report, that he is extremely well behaved in the home. He is completely house trained, does not destroy anything and spends a good deal of time lazing around on the sofa or snoozing. He rarely barks and is more than happy to greet new people into his home. He is very affectionate and loves a good cuddle.

Bobby's only vice, is that he likes to bark at other dogs whilst out on walks, although this is improving as the weeks go by. 

Bobby is good to be left for a few hours a day and spends his time at home alone snoozing!

Bobby desperately needs a forever home, could that be with you?

As Bobby is currently in a foster home in Southampton, an appointment will need to be made to visit him. Please give the St Francis Animal Welfare staff a call on 02380 693282 for more information.

Name: Shyla

Breed: Bull Terrier

Colour: White with black ear markings

Sex: Female

Age: 4 years old

Spayed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Good with children? Teenage children only as no experience of young ones.

Good with other dogs? Shyla is good with male bull terriers (after a careful intro) but she is nervous of other breeds. Unless a very experienced home, we will not rehome her with other dogs.

Good with cats/small animals? Does not react when out on walks but untested in a home environment.

Summary: Shyla had, had several litters of puppies before finding herself in rescue. She turned up at St Francis Animal Welfare with a chronic eye infection, itchy red and blistered skin and was covered in lumps. She was quickly taken to our vets, who diagnosed her with dry eye and over the subsequent weeks had several mast cell tumours removed. Her skin and fur indicated that she had been living outside, or, at the very least, spending far too much time outside. This breaks our hearts as Shyla really loves the warmth and her snuggly little bed and truly adores people.

With regular eye lubrication, her eye infection quickly cleared up and her eyes are now producing tears. She still needs eye drops, but now only once a day and she is so good having them administered.

Shyla had very little socialisation before arriving in our care and can be very nervous of other breeds of dog - especially if they are bouncy, loud and excitable. She does gravitate towards other bull terriers and we feel that if she went to an experienced home, she could live with a neutered male bull terrier - after a careful introduction.

Shyla loves going to the vets - which has been useful as she has been a fair few times since being at the shelter! She also travels extremely well and settles very quickly in a crate in the back of a car.

Like most bullies, Shyla loves cuddles and attention and enjoys being a bit of a couch potato. She equally loves going for walks (the muddier the better!!) and walks well on her harness and lead. 

Ideally, we are looking for a forever home for Shyla within the Hampshire area, as we would like her to have a few additional check ups over the next few months with our vets in Chandlers Ford. This is however negotiable, if the perfect home came forward and adopters were happy to either fund her check ups at their local vets or travel back to Hampshire.

For more information, or to arrange to meet the beautiful Shyla, please contact our shelter manager Helen on 02380 693282

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