*** We currently have no birds available for re-homing ***



We currently have this gorgeous male and female pair of young budgies who are looking for their forever home.

Ideally we would like them to go to an aviary home - This time of year would be perfect to introduce them to living outside.


Name: Harvey

Breed: Mealy Amazon Parrot

Age:  19 years old

Summary: Harvey although usually quite quiet often makes us jump by shouting Hello at the top of his voice or mimicing the telephone ringing!

He loves fruit and millet and having his neck rubbed.

Harvey is in rescue due to a marriage breakup.

*** NOW RE-HOMED ***



Names: Pip and Squeek

Breed: Budgies

Ages: 10 months

Summary: Pip and Squeek are lovely little birds, very friendly and happy.

They have come into rescue due to a marriage breakup. 

*** NOW RE-HOMED ***


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